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  1. Beware of this site It's a scam, and the EA will delete your account. This EA cost me my hard-earned money.
  2. They took all of my money and told me it was their fee, which I thought was a small fee until I realised they took it all.
  3. You can always investigate any broker and read a detailed description of their work.
  4. Intelligent automatic forex trading robot, Private Wealth Robot. The powerful forex trading robot that redefines automated trading seeks out green pips for you. Inside, there are two versions: FUNDAMENTAL #PWR This version of the private wealth robot is solely designed to trade news and features advanced entry and exit points with TP and SL during news events. ULTRA PWR This version of the private wealth robot trades all currency pairs as well as indices such as the NASDAQ. News has no effect on trades. WHY CHOOSE A PRIVATE WEALTH ROBOT? ACCURACY Private Wealth Robot has strong market intelligence and analytic capabilities. It determines the best entry and exit points. TRADING ON AUTOMATIC BASIS Private Wealth Robot is fully atomized and operates on the Metatrader 4 platform with long-term stability and a high win rate.
  5. Mentorship is something I really believe in. Mentorship helps you improve faster, measure your progress, and assure responsibility.
  6. I use IC Market as well, and I can't say I have any complaints. Good spreads, no fees, and a simple interface....
  7. You can never have too much trading knowledge because the market is too volatile and each trade is unique. Only trade large amounts when you are certain of the market's direction! Otherwise, trade with a small amount to see what is going on in the market.
  8. This EA does not work for me; most likely, the license has expired.
  9. I apologize for the unpleasant experience you had. You've seen firsthand how many people utilize the Internet to defraud others. Nowadays, one must exercise extreme caution and properly examine each investment opportunity. You should always conduct an internet search to discover what others have to say about an investment opportunity, as well as check to see if it is being offered by a legitimate organization. If you can't find the company's or owner's name, and there are a lot of unfavorable comments on the Internet, it should be enough to warn you not to invest. It's also crucial to research the crypto sector and learn everything there is to know about it, rather than believing what others say. You don't need anyone's help to invest in cryptocurrency; you can do everything alone. I hope this negative experience did not discourage you and that you would continue to invest, but this time believing in yourself rather than others.
  10. Hello, everyone... I'm new here......do you only work on H4 timeframes? I'm trading in 5 million... Market just opened with a small GAP down...stabilizing on a lateral move,,,in 1,7765......let's wait a few hours.
  11. The indicator is good, and it works on a 1 minute and a 5 minute time frame.
  12. Op, you must study and probe a site before engaging in any transactions with them, because scammers have devised various methods of obtaining clients through social media; all of the events you described occur not just on Telegram, but also on Facebook. The only thing I want you to know is that it's preferable and encouraged to hold a coin for a long time rather than investing in a ponzi scheme platform that is made up of scammers; second, if you want to sell your coins, go to a well-known exchange like Binance rather than selling to a group you don't know their taproot of exchanges; and finally, I believe you should be curious and smart before you venture into the hands of scammers.
  13. Bitcoin is unaffected by a minor recovery. I purchased fantom, near, and a large number of legitimate tokens from the market. Take a look at these tokens as well. These tokens were available for purchase on the major exchange platforms. I believe that everyone is currently buying the dip. Altcoins' prices have already plummeted, much like bitcoin's, and they will never retrace until bitcoin regains momentum and receives another large pump. Cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a significant reduction. Will you squander this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? This isn't going to happen again in the near future. If you can, get additional bitcoins or legitimate tokens. Cheesy I also purchased a defi token and exchanged tokens in order to participate in the IEO.
  14. What does it matter? It's your coins, so do whatever you want with them. Elon Musk can't control Bitcoin, so if he wants to control Dogecoin, I'll let him. It's a shame how many of his followers actually believe what he says; anything he says doesn't necessarily imply that he will do the same. People texting him laugh while he is actually depressed or crying.
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