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  1. Without a doubt, it is a scam, superscam forex.
  2. Because these guys are online, you can't. The worst fraudsters are those that provide trading techniques and software.
  3. Many people believe it is simple and easy, but it is not; it is a long journey
  4. When signal does not disapear mean price is in range. When the signal disappears, it indicates that the price has broken out. immidiately aim for break out direction. simple money For good st and tp, you can also use the 123 pattern and atr. always aim for at least 1:2 rr
  5. I believe that the success mantra for being a successful trader is a fine blend of Dedication, Patience, Determination, Discipline, and good trading skills.
  6. Anyone caught a EUR/USD short this morning? Positive news for the dollar, combined with the break of my trend line, provided excellent confirmation for a short.
  7. All projects want to stand out, therefore this conjecture is normal in order to entice investors to give greater attention to other Ethereum-based projects. It cannot be compared in terms of quality. But, as DeathAngel put it, there's one thing I'd like to compare Ethereum to: Solana. The reason for this is because Solana continues to set the bar for network development, cost, and other equally impressive projects. This isn't enough to make Solana a viable competitor to Ethereum in general, but at the very least, investors will pay greater attention to it.
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