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  1. The first rule in investing is to afford to lose the money you trade. Just get in touch with them and ask for more information
  2. There are a lot of them out there trying to defraud people. All that is required is extreme caution.
  3. The part about vehicles and trips is correct, as is the absence of testimonies. We also need to question ourselves whether this individual is indeed earning as much money as they claim, and why are they busy promoting for others to give them "pocket change," as they call it. If you're earning millions, go ahead and enjoy them.
  4. How can a broker defraud his or her clients? Hey, it's dark outside.
  5. If trading is all about money, then money management is essential for making the greatest use of our funds when trading forex. We may be able to make money without money management, but having it in place can drastically alter the results.
  6. I tried to study forex trading with Pepperstone, and I went to their website, but the analysis section is always unavailable, and there are many false signals, false analyses, or late analyses, for example, if you trade on Thursday, the analysis on Pepperstone's website is still Wednesday, and it is not up to date. Pepperstone provides poor analysis and poor service.
  7. Simply disregard it. It's a sales word, but they can't overcome the truth and take a rank from ETH. Saying that their product will be a "ETH Killer" after passing the ETH Rank & Volume, but not before, is not shittoken XD. Ignore it, that's all there is to it.
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