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  1. For me, such a broker is Expertoption's platform; everything is done to the highest standard, it is easy to use, and the platform itself is very functional.
  2. I prefer the zero account with fixed commission; on major pairs, you get 0.08 commission on a 0.01 lot size. If you are a scalper, a zero account is ideal.
  3. Trading with expertise is preferable than trading with machines since it allows you to be more adaptable. The forex market is incredibly turbulent; nevertheless, if your trading tactics are adaptable, you can manage the market with proper research. Robots are unable to act in the same manner as humans.
  4. Is the EA making a profit? Is it capable of sculping? I have yet to come across a good sculpting EA that is consistently profitable.
  5. Set your stop loss at the "last high/low" and your take profit at the same level. When trading, ALWAYS LOOK LEFT on your chart to see the market's possible high and low. Only enter trades that offer at least a 1:2 RR.
  6. You can make a significant error with DEX, such as purchasing a copy of a well-known token! There is always a caution that asks you to double-check your address before completing a transaction. A similar problem is the purchase of a phony coin. This was a typical occurrence with waves. We occasionally have on CEX as well, but it's a lesser percentage... Before introducing a new Coin, CEX has an extensive list of prerequisites.
  7. As much as I want to believe this because SOLANA is a nice project, I still believe that ETH will remain in first place because it will most likely expand as well, and I am hopeful that the forthcoming changes will be more beneficial to the ETH network. Those projects that claimed to be ETH killers in the past are still down; they can't easily kill ETH.
  8. Bitcoin is still a speculative asset with dramatic price swings due to people's ability to freely exit or enter the market. Last time, we were almost at $70k, and now we're around $30k+, demonstrating bitcoin's incredibly volatile nature. Also, because most people do not understand their economy, they believe that holding their money in banks is the safest way to weather the storm, even if the value of the EUR and USD is plummeting.
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