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  1. One must exercise caution. They will use a lot of advertising to persuade you, but we should all be cautious. thank you for providing this information
  2. But why would they do something like that to you? Are you a South African?
  3. Thank you for providing such detailed information about the Tickmill broker.
  4. Pepperstone is a good broker. I appreciate their low spreads and quick deposit and withdrawal times.
  5. This is fascinating. will find out more Nonetheless, I prefer price action, which is what I am employing.
  6. I'd like to have it. Could you please upload it here so that we can have access to it? Thank you very much.
  7. You can talk to people who always say it, especially when it comes to their shillings. I assumed the shillers always said something similar to entice folks to join their new environment. Don't worry about them. They are compensated for promoting. That's exactly what Shiller did to a previous project.
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