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  1. Remember that "past performance is not an indication of future results," so it might work for guy A, but it might not for guy B. So, to find out if it works, learn to back test every strategy you see here rather than relying on the results of others. Skill and experience are important in this industry.
  2. Dukascopy is unquestionably NOT the best broker! I've been using them for 6 years and for various reasons I can't seem to get away from them because I always have trades open... The main issue they are experiencing is quote slippage. You do not receive fill at the market price displayed on your screen. The actual price you got filled to close is always up to 1 pip 2 pips different. Finally, I must enter the specific price in the order tab! It is also difficult to manage the number of orders (the lot size). If you are not careful, it will end up taking the entire margin! Even after all these years, I still make this mistake. When this happened, I backed down and ended up with a big loss! It takes me days to build my equity, and one stupid mistake can wipe out all of my earnings in one fell swoop. They are still one of the con artists!
  3. What about a forex rebate service provider? Do you use it?
  4. Not entirely; I mean, a lot of these project owners and managers are pretty smart people, and they'll be expecting your questions and must have prepared for them ahead of time, making it relatively easy for them to provide answers to a slew of them; project owners who have trouble answering questions are the ones who didn't do their homework properly. Having said that, the issue isn't so much whether or not the team responds to your questions; as you may be aware, many of these projects are simply about making numerous false promises; rather, you should be concerned about the use case: what exactly is the project about, does it have any utility, how long can it be useful, if it ever will be, and so on; this is the type of research that is required; if you rely on just asking them questions, I am pretty sure the problem will persist
  5. Cobra is also on my radar. I tried Pwr Nasdaq and it was good, but one needs to have a lot of capital.
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