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  1. To trade, I use an EA. All I want to say is don't use IC Markets. The robot will profit for a week, then the charts will begin to freeze and take profits will not be triggered. If an EA continues to adjust TP for open trades, the charts will freeze, rendering the EA helpless. Targets are ignored, and the account will soon be depleted. I've been watching IC Markets charts with robots for a while now, and this always happens. Avoid them entirely, especially if you are trading with an EA. I've seen a lot of these cases about this broker for traders using EAs on the internet. I run the same EA with other brokers, and the EA always misbehaves on IC markets, resulting in blown out accounts.
  2. You will not receive a comprehensive course It's all taking place one step at a time...
  3. At the moment, going all-in on cryptocurrency is not a viable option. The majority of stores and merchants do not yet accept cryptocurrency, and that is only half of the problem; the volatility of cryptocurrency means you will be constantly checking the market value before making any purchase. During a war, cash would be one of the most valuable currencies. Bitcoin is more useful for carrying assets with you, but it would be difficult to spend bitcoins during a war.
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