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  1. As the cliché goes, experience is the best teacher. According to psychologists, there are several events that occur throughout the process of attempting to obtain information by experience, which entails a difficult, costly, and inconvenient technique of learning. To learn through experience, one must learn from one's own errors, which entails burning one's own fingers a number of times before recognizing truth. Those who learn via experience are known as empiricists. There is a better method to learn than via trial and error, and that is through wisdom.
  2. Thank you very much. Out of curiosity, which strategy do you employ?
  3. If that's all you can afford right now, it's better than having no investment strategy. If you're going to buy bitcoin, that amount is a nice place to start, but my recommendation is to store it up to a week and then buy it when the price appears to be falling. It's preferable to have this initiative than to have none. You can think of it as a savings account, but with a better option because you'll be investing in bitcoin. Also, if you have any immediate plans to increase your income, do not hesitate to deduct that percentage from your daily earnings.
  4. I was curious as to why (or why not) you believe Bitcoin is superior to Ethereum. Ethereum appears to have all of the same features as Bitcoin, but it has one major advantage: smart contracts. While Bitcoin is solely useful as a digital currency, smart contracts are little "programs" that live on the blockchain and may be used to develop genuine services and apps. So, why do you prefer Bitcoin over Ethereum, which appears to be superior? Or perhaps I'm overlooking something that makes Bitcoin superior to Ethereum in some way?
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