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  1. Cannabis millionaire app is a scam, and all traders should be aware of it.
  2. You have nothing to do here if you don't have any training; you'll just waste money and time
  3. In many cases, being taught serves no use. You and the charts are the only teachers you'll ever need. Determine what works and what does not. A little bit of reading may assist here and there, but it all comes down to what you see on the charts in the end.
  4. All of these rules are undeniably important, if not essential, for trading success. Another point to consider is that the trader must be disciplined enough to follow all of the rules, even if they are created by the trader.
  5. The EURUSD had a bull run in just a few four-hour sessions, when the price reached a resistance level. That level is difficult to breach, and the price formed two bearish Pinbars. The daily time frame shows a bearish Pinbar. All of these signals point to a possible price decline to the range area support level.
  6. No. However, if you're unsure about the information you've given them, you should consider transferring your assets to a new wallet to be safe. If you've merely given the malicious person your sending address, though, you shouldn't be concerned. Make sure it was your public address and not your private key that was used. Although, I believe you are correct, because if you were hacked, they would have already cleared your funds. The fact that they requested your seed indicates that they haven't yet gained access and required it to clear it out. So, based on the information you've supplied, I believe your safe is safe. Apart from being unneeded, if it gives you peace of mind, simply transfer your assets to a new, securely generated wallet.
  7. Bitcoin is unaffected by a minor recovery. I purchased fantom, near, and a large number of legitimate tokens from the market. Take a look at these tokens as well. These tokens were available for purchase on the major exchange platforms. I believe that everyone is currently buying the dip. Altcoins' prices have already plummeted, much like bitcoin's, and they will never retrace until bitcoin regains momentum and receives another large pump. Cryptocurrency is currently experiencing a significant reduction. Will you squander this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? This isn't going to happen again in the near future. If you can, get additional bitcoins or legitimate tokens. Cheesy I also purchased a defi token and exchanged tokens in order to participate in the IEO.
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