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  1. We are familiar with mt2iq, but I was wondering if there is a broker that allows binary trading directly from MT4?
  2. hello If you look into the boom collapse technique EA and discover how the synthetic markets function, you will be able to make a lot of money rapidly. best wishes
  3. If you've previously failed and are seeking guidance. Please make a note of the reasons you failed and strive to improve your trade. When it comes to trading, you may think you know everything, but it's your habits, attitude, and psychology that keep you from succeeding. If you're new to forex or trading, start with the basics on YouTube. Once you've mastered the fundamentals, you may go on to the next step. Try to discover an alternative trading style. Intraday/scalping/long-term/short-term Decide what kind of trader you want to be. Indicator, Price Action, Hybrid, Fundamental Trade, and so forth. If you've made it thus far, you're on the correct route, and the results will come slowly and steadily. P.S. : The psychological aspect is crucial to success. (Psychology has an impact on risk management.) There is no need to pay for any training.
  4. To ask excellent questions, you need knowledge and experience, both of which are lacking in newcomers. Newbies are the most susceptible to scams, thus scam initiatives target them. They lack the expertise to recognize danger, so when they invest in their first crypto enterprise, all they see is a bright future with plenty of profit. If you raise questions and obtain polished responses, this does not imply that the project is excellent. Scammers are often quite good at answering your inquiries, instilling optimism in you, and making their idea go viral. However, the quality of a project is not only determined by their responses. You get to view and test their actual items.
  5. If theoretical knowledge is not helping you understand risk management, try using a demo account to learn how it works. Doing it practically, rather than just studying about it, will help you understand it better. To get the most out of it, however, you must treat the demo account as if it were a real one.
  6. Is there anyone who has made a consistent profit from forex up to this point?
  7. Today we will see if the price pulls back to the 1.09860 level, which is now acting as a support level. Price may make a pullback before attempting to break above.
  8. I purchased a few tokens. I bought doggie coins, matic, and a small quantity of BNB from them. However, I am losing money and am hoping to recover it. I've left a little more cash. When Bitcoin reaches $30, I'll buy some tokens and hold them for two years. Please tell me what kind of token you're holding. I'd want to purchase some more tokens. Please let me know if you know of any decent tokens.
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