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  1. SWISS PROFESSIONALISM is all I can say about them, verry happy with every single aspect of their services.
  2. The only distinction between Binary trading and Forex trading is that Binary trading offers fixed returns while Forex does not. Forex can provide less or more than binary options, and it is far less risky than binary options. My personal opinion is that you can choose either one as long as you are not gambling in either one.
  3. FP Markets, based on my own experience with both brokers. IC Markets lies about their trading conditions; they widen spreads a lot and have a lot of slippage. Platforms constantly freeze, and the server crashed 5 times in 6 months while I was trading! They almost never followed through on my stop loss or take profit orders without slippage! Fortunately, despite my skepticism at first, I gave FP Markets a try, and everything appears to be fine so far; I will make sure to update the thread if anyone goes wrong, believe me.
  4. Anyone got it yet? I've been keeping an eye on this for a while.
  5. Yes, merchants must first improve their education. Trading will not deliver you excellent outcomes if you can't make it that way. To do so, you must first put up the time and patience necessary to develop a trading formula.
  6. Thank you for your contribution. Can anyone recommend some options? thank you very much
  7. I signed up for a number of paid signal providers but didn't see much success.
  8. Remember how several projects, including ETH, are expected to surpass BTC? The fact that it hasn't happened and isn't likely to happen. Similar to how many new projects have claimed to be able to overtake ETH, this is merely a claim that has yet to be fulfilled. Due to the endless supply and the fact that Vitalik Buterin owns a considerable quantity of ETH, it is likely that it will overtake ETH. The key reason to beat ETH is adoptions, not fess, because many people still use ETH despite the high gas fee.
  9. I purchased $BTTC coins at $0.000002, which appears to be a low price. I intend to keep these coins for a long time. In addition, the market appears to be in a decline, but it will eventually return and make some gains. Don't be concerned.
  10. DCA can be an option for investing in stages and under any circumstances. If you make some investments now, the current state of bitcoin can be very profitable. In all circumstances, Bitcoin is a viable investment option. Bitcoin's decline has been significant, but its rise has also been unexpected. Bitcoin's new all-time high will also be reached. Depending on the target price to be achieved, any time can be a good time to invest in bitcoin.
  11. It is tied to a single account and should be traded manually. I do not trade during the news or when two or more trades are signaled.
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