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  1. Yes, please consider your broker's security level; higher security is preferable. I traded with ThinkMarkets, and I believe it is not a secure broker because we are not required to verify our accounts by sending our ID, etc. I find it strange that someone knows my password and can withdraw my money to his own wallet. So, if you trade with ThinkMarkets, please think twice about it.
  2. Money management saves you time and effort by allowing you to make selections as your order is being processed. You may decide ahead of time how much you want to risk and how much you want to gain. Calculations may then be used to determine entry, exit, stop loss, and take profit. This makes it simple to carry out a transaction.
  3. If you want to trade, you must do your homework. You will not be able to generate a profit if you are unable to do trade research. You may become a successful trader by gaining trading expertise and doing study. We must learn from our errors and continue to trade.
  4. Many people inquire, but the creator doesn`t responds. I'd like to try this... tell us, bro.
  5. Please contact me if you are interested in profitable Forex trading signals.... For my private Telegram group, I offer a one-week free trial.... The signals are for intraday trading as well as swing trading....
  6. like this, don't buy it, I already have it
  7. Hello, buy or sell entry requires confirmation with 4H candle close up or down yellow line, if so, enter trade with 0.01 lot TP. is the red line, and at the same time, there is a pending order for sell or buy with 0.04 lot. For more information, see the thread on the Soehoe forum.
  8. Every week, I will post one free signal on this page.
  9. i am also about to add to my inventory but i'm afraid the prediction of the user above saying this is just the begining of the dip will come true. @Daodex tells a horrific scene. so wiaiting for what the market will do in the next 2 months must be reasonable. VET price to be 0.002USD is indeed a cheaper price.
  10. As previously stated, Russia is a major player in the crude oil market; it is the world's second largest crude-oil exporter. If one of the largest players in a global market is on its way out due to sanctions, demand for this global commodity will naturally rise. Look at the prices of natural gas and wheat; they follow the same pattern as crude oil because of Russia and the sanctions.
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