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  1. I'm aware of this, however I'm not aware of the complete list (not that it would matter much yet). I utilised TOR instead of a VPN. I don't see any significant advantages to using a VPN, but I could be missing something, which is why I'd appreciate additional information. They do scan files; some scan only known executable files, some allow you to specify specific extensions or folders not to be examined, while yet others scan everything. Most of them will also sell as much info as they can. One of the reasons I use a hardware wallet is because of this. Yes, Tails can be used. Tails would be best used for cold storage (clearly offline) and a watch-only wallet on your main online PC, in my opinion (and broadcast from there). However, setting up persistence in Tails is not for everyone, and some people are wary of the Electrum package that comes with Tails because it is difficult to verify. But, in general, I prefer having a Tails stick around; the last time I used it, it had TOR installed by default, iirc.
  2. Since bitcoin Price has dropped drastically, although there seems to be a bit increase, felt like I should ask what alternative coin you have bought, are you buying the dip, have you sold out of pressure ?
  3. To be honest, what I'm seeing now on the Ukraine-Russia situation is similar to what happened when COVID19 began: we saw a huge drop followed by multiple all-time highs. Because, as you can see, cryptocurrency is best during these times, not for investment but for a variety of use cases, particularly for payment, which is the most common use of cryptocurrencies now. In terms of the future, it will be safer and more prosperous. So, bitcoin is one of the coins I'd invest in right now.
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