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  1. I know someone who works for a company that is developing a platform with a robot for trading crypto currency exchanges using your API that is linked to your Binance account, and when he completes it, I will share it with you. It is a very complex system.
  2. I would not do it, and I would strongly advise against it. This forum is by no means a reliable source of revenue, especially not through signature campaigns; • It is an unreliable source of income; • It is dependent on too many external conditions, such as your account not being hacked, the forum remaining up, and so on. You can't use your expertise working on Sig campaigns to get a new job, but you can do so in real life.
  3. For non-tech aware people, the first line of defense against internet attacks is to employ common sense and avoid doing anything that could jeopardize their online security. There is no program that can completely shield us from human folly. We can (and should) install antivirus software on our computers, but it doesn't change the fact that they are still administered by the same people who make mistakes. Social engineering is not protected by antivirus software. Simple e-mails, phishing schemes, and social engineering phone calls, to mention a few, can be used to enter networks and trick people into handing up their credentials. The only way to prevent potentially harmful circumstances in cyberspace is to exercise extreme caution. Users should understand how to defend themselves against potential threats and avoid clicking on questionable e-mails or harmful links in communications. If you're unsure, don't click!
  4. I've tested nearly a dozen paid Telegram services, and not all of the results match what they claim. However, some very good signal services have emerged that are consistently profitable and have made me excellent profits, such as last week when my live account was up 35% in one week, in addition to the TelegramFxCopier. You also do not have to pay as much for a signal service as FX Legacy Pips does. My best signal service cost me 10% of what FX Legacy Pips charges for an entire year.
  5. We can't assume anything however it was very possible. The market is unpredictable as we know that. I may be relying on the history and upon seeing it, we can expect that the next Bullrun the prices are high compared to the last ATH. I may be wrong but having the basis of what happened before, a bigger chance that I was right. Well, of course, the demand seems growing and that it means a lot.
  6. The question here is, what do we refer to as support? Food, water, transportation to a safe zone, and weapons to defend their country are all possibilities. It would be nice to know where all those donations are going because I believe a large portion of them are going towards fighting equipment, and since bitcoin and cryptos are involved, we can call this the first Crypto-War.
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