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  1. There's a man on YouTube that uncovers fraudsters, and it's fascinating to watch him expose individuals who seem to be authentic.
  2. Dedication alone, in my view, is insufficient. One must have courage and an unwavering willingness to study on a continuous basis. To be successful, one must consider going all out in terms of knowing the most basic trading concepts. That way, you'll be able to figure out what your rival is thinking. Only until you've figured out what someone is thinking can you declare, "I made it."
  3. I've been working with the broker Expertoption for two years and have no complaints about the work, so I can confidently recommend it to both novice and experienced traders.
  4. Risk management, in my opinion, is the art of understanding how much you need to put at risk at any given time when trading, what situations to avoid, and whether or not to use leverage.
  5. -Will you quit your job if you make more from a signature campaign in a month than you do from working from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.? -Is it okay to base your entire life on the money you make from signature campaigns on a weekly basis? -Has the existence of signature campaigns on this site lessened the need for other individuals to work offline for you?
  6. I'd like to try it out; please tell me everything I need to know so that I can learn and improve.
  7. It is unquestionably worthwhile to pursue your goal and make daily investments, in my opinion. Your efforts will be rewarded in the future. Will be similar to people who "purchase lottery tickets every day/week for many years and then win the jackpot one day." Only the amount you wish to invest perplexes me. Any investment is beneficial, but a one-dollar investment? How are you going to acquire $1 worth of Bitcoin without losing money on fees? I'm sure the shop where you'll buy Bitcoin includes fees or a minimum purchase amount. Fees are your primary adversary. As a result, I recommend investing weekly rather than daily.
  8. Isn't it possible that you're using Trust wallet or another closed-source wallet that's integrated with Dapps? Even though I've bookmarked the sites, I'm not comfortable accessing my wallet to other unknown sites that display on Dapps. It's preferable to utilize a centralized exchange that doesn't require KYC at the time, such as Kucoin, Huobi, or Bybit (when you wanted to trade, not for holding your coins).
  9. Of course, for a few of them, there is. The more important question would be, or should be, which few will. The reality is that the majority of these are essentially ruses that will eventually go away. If I were you, I wouldn't put my bags all the way down. Right now, the market appears to be in bad shape.
  10. It all depends on who you donate to. If we're talking about direct donations to the Ukrainian government, I'm not sure. You can donate to specific charity groups such as UkraineDAO if you want to support specific sectors such as food and medicine.
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