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  1. In my experience, two ways to spot a fraudster are 1) if he invites you to come study, 2) if he has a lot of automobiles on his Instagram account.
  2. I completely believe that a trading strategy is vital for every trader, whether novice or seasoned. People underestimate the importance of trading psychology, but adhering to your trading strategy regardless of fear, overconfidence, or anger is a crucial skill to develop.
  3. This website is a great resource for brokers, in my opinion. http://www.topfxbrokers.info/
  4. Learn manually how to trade. I'm a programmer, and I've been attempting to develop a successful system for weeks, but all of my backtests, using simply price action and no indications, have resulted in massive losses. Don't spend your time on robots; the path is tough. Manual trading is both simpler and more lucrative.
  5. Yes, money management is essential for becoming a successful forex trader. Every trade should have a risk-reward ratio assigned to it by the trader. And we should all remember to trade only what we can afford to lose.
  6. Not entirely; I mean, a lot of these project owners and managers are pretty smart people, and they'll be expecting your questions and must have prepared for them ahead of time, making it relatively easy for them to provide answers to a slew of them; project owners who have trouble answering questions are the ones who didn't do their homework properly. Having said that, the issue isn't so much whether or not the team responds to your questions; as you may be aware, many of these projects are simply about making numerous false promises; rather, you should be concerned about the use case: what exactly is the project about, does it have any utility, how long can it be useful, if it ever will be, and so on; this is the type of research that is required; if you rely on just asking them questions, I am pretty sure the problem will persist
  7. I've been using a supply and demand indicator on Mt4 that's very good and gives you nice zones. However, you will need confirmation as well as good money management!
  8. Smart contacts connect your wallet to DEX. Some exchanges deceive customers by granting them permanent access to the contract, causing their wallet to be permanently linked to the exchange. It is critical to choose the correct DEX, and if you don't have enough expertise, you should opt for a centralized exchange at the expense of your privacy.
  9. The real advancements of the project, not just the backing, are, in my opinion, the most important component in play. Doge is an exception because it was hyped up by Elon Musk and no one saw it coming. Even before the buzz, many people were using doge because of its low fees and availability on most trading platforms. So don't anticipate a sleeping coin to follow the doge's course, because it won't. It would be much better if you looked at their development team's progress. Are they serious about expanding their services to a wider audience, or are they simply reliant on the fuds that surround them?
  10. Anyone can donate to Ukraine to support their government. How the hell would someone in Brazil, China, Japan, El Salvador, etc would do that if not for cryptocurrency? The transaction using bitcoin is nearly free and you can get a confirmation within minutes. That would be impossible without cryptocurrencies. Traditional banking system is allow, expensive and bureaucratic. I am certainly i wouldn't be able to donate to ukraine using my traditional bank in Brazil. We can now support directly a cause that we are interested in supporting. Bitcoin was designed to be used as currency, just like that. They received already 34 million dollars in cryptocurrency donations
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