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  1. I'd want to begin trading but am unsure which broker to use. I need your help.
  2. That is correct; nonetheless, learning alone will not enough. You must spend endless hours on charts practicing what you have learnt in order to completely understand what is going on. With time, you'll have a sense of what's going on, then devise a first strategy, and if it doesn't work out, you'll know what to do next. For example, if you have a positive feeling about a price reaction region and it doesn't, you know how far price should retrace back into that original area to counter trade your first notion, which is essentially a loss mitigation strategy. That way, you're less likely to lose money, and if you make some money in the process, all the better.
  3. It's both at the same time. Even if you don't utilize robots, it's a good idea to have a rudimentary understanding of why a robot opens or closes a position.
  4. I'm having a lot of trouble making money these days since I'm attempting to combine many methods into one that's exhibiting indications of weakness. I ended up waking up the amateur attempting to go Pro since I had no idea what I was doing.
  5. For me, the best currency pair is GBP/JPY. Very volatile and produces a lot of pips.
  6. I find the USD/CAD pair to be extremely difficult to trade. It had a good move from 20/7/21 to 21/7/21 swing low @ 1.35683 short to 1.3483. It hasn't accomplished much since then.
  7. The tester does not make use of real-time tick-by-tick data. It employs the open, close, low, and high prices of each bar from a one-minute timeframe. Then, using its own algorithm, it generates the price movement within each 1 minute bar. Although this is adequate in most cases, we must keep in mind that this is not real data.
  8. Trend Trading is an indicator designed to profit as much as possible from market trends by timing pullbacks and breakouts. It identifies trading opportunities by examining how the price moves during established trends.
  9. It all depends on where you put your money. Also, how long do you want to keep that investment? So it's difficult to say whether $1 per day is good or bad without knowing your individual goals and intentions. On paper, that appears to be a modest sum, but just to clarify, if you invested $1 every day for two years in a bear market into, say, BTC or ETH, and then reaped the benefits when the bull market began, that does not appear to be a small sum.
  10. The answer to ATH is simple; the question is when will the next bullish run begin? If the next bullish run continues, the ATH will be easily attained; as you can see, even after a market downturn, the overall market value is still extremely high. Even though there is a global economic and geopolitical crisis right now, it hasn't been able to pull the market capitalization of the present market down that much, and the value of bitcoin is still hardly below $25K, which is already a tremendous achievement. If the crisis is finally over, you may argue that we'll see the next bullish market, and ATH will be reached solely through that route.
  11. Don't get me wrong, it's technically adoption, but it's by a significantly large entity. When I said, "I'm not sure I'd call it adoption..." I meant in terms of volume (number of entities/individuals), I'm not sure if the masses actually went "oh shit bitcoin is actually the solution for xyz" and ended up buying bitcoin in the long run. But I suppose we could say that at the very least, some people purchased bitcoin/crypto in order to donate. The question is how much money came from "local crypto peeps" versus "new crypto peeps."
  12. I am relieved that there are still politicians and clerks in Europe who can use their brains and reject such mindless regulations. Cryptocurrency mining in the EU is a negligible percentage, and even if this BS regulation had been imposed, cryptocurrency prices would not have been affected. These so-called "minimum environmental sustainability standards" are utter nonsense. The "green lobby" within the European Union appears to be pushing its agenda. They have failed for the time being, but they may try again in the future with another mindless environmentalist regulation or law.
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