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  1. I happened to run into them, but the way they sounded didn't convince me. They were avoided.
  2. I trade a lot of pairs, more than ten, but my MT4 is always slow to respond, so I looked for a broker with good performance. I found Capitality.ch and have been trading with them since then. It's good to know that Capitality.ch provides me with the best platform; MT4 is smooth, always connected, and there are no requotes. Capitality.ch it is recommended for everyone who enjoys trading Forex in a contemporary approach.
  3. Derivative or binary? Also, does anyone know of any other synthetic indices besides those offered by Deriv?
  4. You'll know how much you can risk at any one time while keeping within your budget if money management is part of your strategy.
  5. Forex trading is a profitable industry, and only those who are ready to study and take risks can benefit from it. Also, in these trade forums, I don't observe any issues. In reality, it's a fantastic area for traders to communicate with one another and learn from one another.
  6. I tried trading using price action, but it seems like smart money always outwits price action, so I'd like to try trading using order flow.
  7. I'm also looking for a good EA. I have yet to see a consistent EA.
  8. NEXT WEEK'S TRADE XAU/USD (gold) BUY if 1490.777362 is reached; then take profit 1495.793939 SELL if 1486.318182 is reached; then take profit 1482.416399
  9. Seriously, scammers are always looking for new ways to defraud people of their money, which is very bad. I believe we all need to be very cautious about the coins we invest in because scammers are only interested in the money they can make. They will convince you to invest in a coin, but once you do, your money is gone. Some coins appear to be very real, and you won't believe they were created just to defraud, but in the end, they run away with our money, so we just need to
  10. There will always be the potential. You've entered the world of cryptocurrency. There's little doubt that a token with a very low value, such as the doge coin, can become a large coin. Have you seen how hard the doge coin pumped? If you've been following this, you're probably wondering if Altcoin can surpass the previous ATH. The support is the only thing that matters. To succeed, altcoin requires a lot of help. Once bitcoin enters a bullish trend again, it will always provide significant support to the altcoins. Bitcoin must be positive, and altcoins will reclaim their all-time highs. If bitcoin has not yet reached its all-time high, it will never do so. In this situation, bitcoin is holding the key.
  11. These people understand its worth, and it is clear that they do not take strict measures against it, particularly by outlawing it. What's next for those who want it outlawed? Instead, they could simply enact regulations to protect their citizens from fraud and scams. Taking advantage of the opportunity will result in a favorable outcome. They will receive nothing in return if it is prohibited.
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