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  1. That's true, the quality of the advise is more important than the advise itself.
  2. Wow, a lot of people took advantage of the group I believe I use money to deposit and learn to trade.
  3. This is really useful information. Thank you very much! Best wishes
  4. I am from South Africa, and I would not use IQ Options. Instead, I would recommend using a broker such as Trade 245 or Globex 360 and MT4. That is how you properly trade.
  5. I believe binary is better in the short term, but forex appears to be more stable to me.
  6. How do binary options actually work? Is it similar to gambling or something? I'm really not sure how they work.
  7. Their payment options are excellent, and they even pay in local currency in some countries, such as Nigeria. They always give us a good exchange rate, which makes me happy.
  8. Knowledge is powerful, but action is the key to that power! Then just practice becoming who you want to be every day.
  9. I have not been consistent with the price action technique; if anyone can recommend a good book on the subject, I would be grateful.
  10. This place isn't for everyone. Some people are here to learn, while others are professionals who can provide guidance. Traders like myself, who are neither experts nor novices, are also there, and we would be happy to share our knowledge with a beginner and acquire new skills from an expert. I am not very lucrative, but I do make a decent profit on a consistent basis.
  11. US2000 (Russell 2000) is extremely profitable, perhaps even more profitable than NASDAQ, but it necessitates substantial capital.
  12. I agree with those mantras, and I am guilty of not following them. will exercise more restraint
  13. Does this really work, or does it requires money?
  14. Personally, I would like to see the EUR/USD reverse and fall again.
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