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  1. I had no idea there were so many scammers in the mql5 market, thanks for the heads up. and will be leery of those with a large number of automobiles
  2. Forex trading necessitates knowledge. You may trade using machines or by using your expertise. However, I believe that being able to trade via developing information is preferable. By exchanging knowledge, it is able to be flexible. However, you must trade with whole concentration here.
  3. Not everyone in this place makes money. Some people are here to learn, while others are specialists who can provide guidance. Traders like myself, who are neither experts nor novices, are also there; we would want to share our knowledge with a beginner and acquire new skills from an expert. I am not very lucrative, but I do make a decent profit on average.
  4. When trading with any pair, your analysis and trading strategy are both critical. Each pair necessitates a unique trading strategy and understanding. EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD are my preferred pairs. Because major pairs are more stable, new traders should start with them.
  5. Supply and demand are excellent indicators, but additional confirmations, such as candle formations, are required. I don't believe it can stand on its own.
  6. The fact that your wallet is "linked" to the DEX does not mean that they may just steal your funds via an exploit or a bad actor. There's a reason why you have to accept a swap using MetaMask every time you create one.
  7. What are you on about? There is no screenshot, no nothing....
  8. Exactly. Also, with a noncustodial wallet, I'm curious what the charge for 1 input and 365 outputs (1 year) would be. Maliceprime should have a weekly or monthly savings strategy in place so that this can be accomplished. This is an excellent opportunity to start a savings plan, as bitcoin has already dropped from $69000 to roughly $40000. I will just advise you to never sell if you notice the price dropping further; instead, stick to your savings plan for as long as you want to save; you will profit from it in the future.
  9. So, now you know how this new coin got to all those exchanges. Money earned from NFTs can be used to assist people list on exchanges that charge a flat price and don't require a minimum trading volume. Personally, I don't see any value in those tokens unless they're used as a trading instrument for short-term gains, which is extremely dangerous.
  10. With bitcoin, everything is up to you. Altcoin will always have the opportunity to reach another ATH. The question is whether or not bitcoin will rise in value. As far as I can tell, bitcoin is currently in a state of stagnation. When bitcoin reaches a new ATH, altcoin can reach a new ATH. Bitcoin is always going to be followed by altcoins. Altcoins are unlikely to reach new all-time highs this year if the price of bitcoin remains unchanged. Bitcoin's price needs more than a miracle to rise. There are so many conflicts that are preventing this from happening. ATH, in my opinion, is still far from being the whole tale. You'll have to wait patiently for things to happen.
  11. Unfortunately, it will be a series of crises that will propel Bitcoin into the mainstream as a currency and safe haven. In any case, Bitcoin is out of reach for any government or legacy financial institution. No government can declare Bitcoin to be under its control...they cannot devalue it by decree, nor can they confiscate it from you, as some governments have done with their own citizens' bank accounts. And we can clearly see the numerous reasons why Bitcoin is far superior to fiat during turbulent times.
  12. I know a lot of people have been looking for MT5 Version of BELLY SYSTEM, FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD Also included MT4 Version
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