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  1. Thank you for the post I will avoid them in the future
  2. This is why I don't believe in EAs. It's like the day of judgement! Skynet is coming for us!!!
  3. Profit margins that are excessively high or profit rates that are too high are almost always a hoax. In the mql market, there are several frauds for sale.
  4. Hi You're going to enjoy this. The all-new FX-Agency Advisor 3 is a precise scalping system with built-in formulas that have been used by millions of traders over the last few decades. It has the ability to signal Buy and Sell trades, as well as a panel that can be dragged and dropped around the chart. With the FX-Agency Advisor 3, you can make up to 200+ pips scalping the market. Here are the highlights... - Bias filter built in to only take trades based on the overall trend of two time frames! - A very elegant and smooth design that ensures there are no overlaps on your chart. - Scalping has a high success rate. - There are no account number restrictions.
  5. Every aspect of our lives requires commitment. To learn forex trading, you'll need a lot of patience and practice. And if we don't like trading, we won't be able to succeed in forex.
  6. Hello there Thinkmarkets. I trade with Thinkmarkets and have already made withdrawals in the beginning of August; your customer service stated that I would receive my money within 24 hours at the most, but I have not received my money until today; it has been 1 week since that case, and you have simply changed my balance to 0 in my MT4. So, where is my money now? Please send it right away
  7. Yeah, I was also barred from IC markets while demoing Assar EAs, and they told me the same thing about hyperactivity. Not a good broker if your EA modifies a large number of orders and moves the TP or SL on a regular basis.
  8. I've only used it on a demo account, but they claim it's also suitable for real money. The minimum deposit is 200 tho
  9. The trader's capacity to profit is determined by his or her knowledge of the market, trading strategy, trading plan, risk management approach, and emotional control. Not everyone can benefit from the market; it takes a lot of work, and everyone must be willing to put in the necessary effort.
  10. Because forex is a risky business, traders must exercise extreme caution when making trading decisions. Their risk management strategy includes everything from deciding which trade to enter at what time to deciding how much to risk per trade. It's like figuring out a way to minimize your losses while still having enough money and strategy to return to the market.
  11. I'd like to be able to simply send out signals one day. It's extremely difficult.
  12. When using DEX or CEX, there are benefits and drawbacks. As a user on CEX, you do not possess your private key for your wallet, putting your funds at danger of a scam exit, hack, exchange seizure, or shutdown, among other things. In general, you won't be able to control your coin if you don't have a key. You control your private key on DEX, and you may need to authorise access to it for swapping, trading, and other purposes. Don't touch any weird tokens you get from unusual addresses. Simply to be safe However, for those who are inept at protecting their gadgets, passwords, wallets, and other personal information, Using DEX has a higher level of risk than using CEX. Because, unlike CEX, there is no second or third tier of protection for them if they lose such information. In such instances, their coin will be more easily stolen than on CEX.
  13. Please send screenshots of the EA settings and results.
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