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  1. Well, I don't know, everyone always has their own ideal option, for such is the expertoption platform, the conditions are what you need to work!
  2. In forex trading, money management is critical. Pro traders never risk more than 1% to 5% of their capital in a single trade. However, only a few traders adhere to this rule. All traders must adhere to proper money management rules at all times and in all trades. I trade with sound financial management. This safeguards my capital and allows me to remain in the market for the long term.
  3. Most mechanical tactics will be lucrative if they are followed with some discipline. When traders attempt to use a squirrel technique to carry a tree trunk about or an elephant method to climb up a tree to get some nuts, they encounter across problems.
  4. The process of identifying, monitoring, and managing potential risks in order to reduce the negative impact they may have on an organization is known as risk management. Security breaches, data loss, cyber attacks, system failures, and natural disasters are a few examples of potential risks.
  5. Strangers don't have any positive intentions for you when they first PM you; the internet is now full of fraudsters that appear to have something excellent to give but it's all a deception; become your own boss and don't listen to strangers or accept any private messages from them.
  6. If you add some good candlestick patterns and market/volume profle, it's a good indicator.
  7. The number of new tactics that appear to be true that scammers are employing on a daily basis is growing. One thing about internet scamming is that individuals will always try to exploit it to make money in any way they can. To prevent becoming a victim of a scam, we must exercise extreme caution when dealing with items about which we have no way of knowing how trustworthy they are. I'm glad the scammers didn't get to the OP.
  8. There is a chance, but you shouldn't expect the same chance as in 2020 and 2021 by this year. What's done is done, and we're back to the market's normal cycle. The hoopla and bull market are over, and whatever comes next is almost certainly going to be a bear market, as we all know. Simply go with the flow and accept the truth that until the bear market's cycle is modified, we may be heading for another long bad market.
  9. I believe it is still too early to discuss widespread adoption. The reality of war is that intermediary payment methods will be avoided, and bitcoin crypto has a positive effect on money-backing donations. In Ukraine, I've seen a lot of crypto-support and donations. Crypto donations have had the same effects as the corona outbreak in India in 2021.
  10. Has anyone had any success with this indicator? I've seen some images, but how profitable is it?
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