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  1. I almost fall for it, but thank you.
  2. I'm guessing senior members have seen this video. Allcharge/Algocharge CEO SAREL TAL This undoubtedly includes the Cyprus regulator and others..... He's just talking about shopper FRAUD, with no mention of MERCHANT FRAUD! In truth, any crook, regulated or not, is welcome; even strict PSRs need merchant screening and enough laws to safeguard shoppers/consumers...... Let us see the proof if someone was able to chargeback using Allcharge.
  3. Hi. I'm not sure if the Zero account is worth it. The spread is nearly zero, but they charge $7 (or $3.5 per side) for each lot. Have you had any previous experience? What is preferable for running an EA? A narrower spread or no commission?
  4. I've used HotForex for a while and they are a very good broker; from communication to withdrawals, they won't let you down; I'd vote for them again and again.
  5. For scalping, I recommend Thomas Carter's "Forex Scalping Trading Strategies." For swing trading, Kathy Lien's book "Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market" is a good place to start.
  6. Thank you for sharing this informative post. Trading skills, in my opinion, are more easily acquired than good trading psychology. Traders should place a greater emphasis on developing proper trading psychology.
  7. I checked the Telegram and saw that the results are fantastic, with large take profit targets and a high percentage of wins. Thank you for sharing
  8. hey guys, as many traders have requested that I add a thread here, which I have been doing since May of 2016, I will give a signal here as well. Please read the entry rules first, and then enjoy.
  9. Scammers develop strategies as technology improves in order to adapt to the current situation they find themselves in, which is why everyone should re-strategize and buckle up in order to protect their various sources of income, particularly those in cryptocurrency, because they believe cryptocurrency cannot be traced, which is why they prefer to scam or attack cryptocurrency owners. Be concerned about your safety.
  10. I'll just say that the chances of at least the major cryptocurrencies in the market hitting or exceeding their all-time high are extremely unlikely. Right now, the cycle is different, and the majority believes we are in a bear market. However, it is possible to do so with meme and shitcoins via a "pump and dump" technique.
  11. In fact, Bitcoin has gained a lot of exposure in the war this time around. The war is entirely the result of financial disputes, and the financial disputes are the result of religious beliefs.
  12. These people understand its worth, and it is clear that they do not take strict measures against it, particularly by outlawing it. What's next for those who want it outlawed? Instead, they could simply enact regulations to protect their citizens from fraud and scams. Taking advantage of the opportunity will result in a favorable outcome. They will receive nothing in return if it is prohibited.
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