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  1. Oceania-based brokers can provide a Metatrader solution for trading binary options. CLM was once one of them. I believe NoaFx still provides this service.
  2. It is worth if you are a fast scalper
  3. Money management is maybe the most important and undervalued component of a successful trading career. When paired with a sound market strategy, it will allow the trader to eliminate the emotional and psychological aspects of trading and generate money over time. I always tell people that a great trader is a risk manager, and although we all think it's about getting into a trade, managing it is much more important. However, you must have conviction in your trading strategy; else, you will fail.
  4. I've been trading NASDAQ for a long time. Are there any other pairs that are more profitable than the NASDAQ?
  5. Hello, is there a Renko Chart Maker? in mql4?
  6. Privacy and a newbie? Do you genuinely believe it? What are the requirements for this? Take a young man who is just learning about the Internet and tell him and explain all the dangers of revealing his identity on the Internet. Today, children as young as five years old go on the Internet, post images, and talk about themselves, and as they grow older, they try to delete their information, which is simply impossible to erase. Everything else is nonsensical until we start talking about privacy from the beginning. Whatever you do today has already left an imprint on the internet. It's only a matter of spreading it as little as possible.
  7. Yes, and unfortunately, they do not allow you to try out their signals on shorter timeframes such as one month. In my testing of eight paid Telegram Signal services, I discovered that there are other, much less expensive services that produce results comparable to or better than FX Legacy Pips.
  8. Thank you for your contribution. I'm looking forward to putting it through its paces with a forward test.
  9. For the time being, we can only conjecture if they would execute it for themselves. I doubt it would be tagged up into another nft marketplace, but let's see if they are truly creating anything unique. As you indicated, they have a strong tendency to absorb everything, therefore it's not surprise that when it comes to new trends and applications, these organizations are at the forefront. Wouldn't want to be left behind, especially when their recognition and popularity are growing by the day.
  10. CreeperI

    Bitcoin and War

    I believe that now is a good time to advance. Russia is already far more powerful than Ukraine, and it is not far from reaching the peaceful manhole cover. The opportunity is gradually revealing itself, and the rising balance is shifting.
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