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  1. They attempted to persuade me to trade with them. But, based on my previous experiences, I kept promising them, and eventually they stopped calling me. Thank God, I did not become a victim.
  2. I'm very sorry for what you've gone through. Have you made touch with the authorities?
  3. They have blocked EA MPGO from FXPIP.ONE, which I purchased - they claim Hyperactivity at Demo and Real... strange broker.
  4. I look up to him as an inspiration because he is humble and down to earth. He has a strong work ethic.
  5. I see a lot of traders offering advise. It would be amusing if these traders were losing money but could advise you on how to make money. As many people do on retail forums where you may learn a lot of stuff, such as Babypips. Here are some straightforward inquiries. Who is profitable, and what is your strategy? I've been successful since I started utilizing institutional trading.
  6. It would be fantastic if someone could share a picture of this indicator.
  7. When I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, I was intrigued because I have a friend who is full of ideas and loves to engage himself in anything crypto related, so whenever I'm around him, he always talks about Bitcoin and how he buys and sells online to make money, and I'm the type of person who enjoys anything that makes money, so I decided to give it a shot. He showed me some apps to download where I could store my coins and also advised me on what to avoid in order to avoid losing money I continue my research by joining crypto groups on social media such as telegram, Facebook, and Instagram. After a week or so, a message appears on my Instagram asking if I have BTC for sale, what is my rate, and how do I receive payment, and I honestly do have BTC for sell and I receive payment through PayPal, but I can't trade with you because I don't trust, he replied and said he doesn't trust me either, and that there is a group on tele That is how I was able to avoid getting conned.
  8. It has an effect on daily moves and volume, but not on the last three months as a whole. What is affecting it the most is the anti-inflationary policies of various countries (primarily the United States), which cause stock prices to fall. Stock traders balance their portfolios by selling the assets they consider most risky, which are cryptocurrencies, causing the market to become bearish. Markets are also concerned about the invasion because the price of oil fell after Russians attacked a nuclear power plant. People are afraid of a nuclear disaster, and such an event would have a significant impact on all financial markets.
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