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  1. There are just too many to suggest a single broker, but I do advise only dealing with organizations that are fully regulated and have licenses from trustworthy authorities.
  2. Yes, they are good, and customer service is excellent also
  3. One thing to keep in mind is that forex trading isn't only about generating money. You must also choose how much money you are willing to risk on each deal. Trading for the long term and producing steady gains should be the aim.
  4. When you're questioning the teams or administrators involved, it's probably appropriate to know what's going on with the project. It's critical to understand their intentions and the road map in order to assess their legitimacy and commitment to the project. It doesn't imply they can't rug tug, however, since you can easily prepare replies to frequent inquiries or something.
  5. Hello, I'm new here and would like to gain a better understanding of what risk management in trading entails.
  6. The great majority of users will utilize signature campaign profits to supplement their steady income from other sources. However, I don't see how someone, at least in a developed country, could make enough money to survive on it. When compared to typical occupations, even the highest-paid autographs aren't exactly earning top wages. The one redeeming grace is that most signatures pay per week, so you might conceivably earn for 52 weeks of the year instead of the conventional 48/49 (or whatever) weeks owing to vacations and other factors. I can imagine poorer countries and those who live frugally benefiting from it, albeit it would certainly make sense for them to continue doing another job to get out of their predicament. I suppose it all boils down to personal circumstances in the end. I, for one, continue to work.
  7. Hello, you're doing an excellent job. Could you please tell me how frequently you post the signal here? I see it's been a while since your last post. thankyou
  8. If you know how to use it, the supply and demand indicator is extremely useful...
  9. Thank you very much. I'm also looking for entries to sell.
  10. I'm very interested in this channel, but it only has a one-year subscription? Do you have a subscription for a week or a month that you'd like to try?
  11. Scammers, like chameleons, shift colour when a current trick fails and look for a new trending alternative. The reason these scammers are effective with their schemes is rookies' lack of patience, which leads to them not having time to complete research before making a decision.
  12. The number of Instagram users is estimated to be about 1 billion, which is rather significant. It will be a hit with the discovery of NFTs via Instagram. Zuck has a new source of income. If they execute it well, this will be another Instagram sensation in the near future. So, if Zuck fails to launch Libra, we'll see how far he can push NFTs using the Instagram platform.
  13. Why not have both of them if you believe one is superior and the other is superior in the eyes of other investors? But, to be honest, it's because being first to market is crucial, and bitcoin is the gold standard of the crypto market. People are coming into bitcoin because it's stable, not because of its worth, but because bitcoin itself is a stable asset that you'll be guaranteed to have someday if you hold it, I believe I've seen the same topic years before. While Ethereum's quality is good as it is, its fee is one of the deterrents that we have, which has been expressed about bitcoin bitcoin.
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