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  1. With so many robots and claims, it's becoming increasingly difficult to put our faith in them. And who can we rely on??
  2. Trading plans are essential for traders because they enable them to determine their trading parameters and aid in the development of an efficient risk management approach. It serves as a reminder of what should be done to protect a trading account's best interests.
  3. Is there a problem with this broker, guys?
  4. Always backtest and learn from your transactions. To keep track of your records, create a trading trip. Do not put more than 5% of your trading money at risk. Always have a trading strategy in place and follow it. Learn how to regulate your fear, greed, and anxiety by understanding trade psychology. Create a solid risk and money management plan.
  5. Those who develop trading methods with discipline and foresight never lose money. Loss trading occurs when people do not follow a strategy and do not operate with a plan. I have to trade with Psychology and Emotion Control if I want to trade.
  6. Risk management refers to the informed decisions that a trader must make in order to avoid losing money while trading. In forex, higher returns are obtained as your investment grows, but the risk also grows. As a result, traders must be able to plan ahead of time and minimize risks.
  7. I believe the one you see is the relative strength index (rsi).
  8. It's unquestionably preferable to nothing. "Enough" is a subjective term that varies from person to person and country to country. Also keep in mind that you won't likely deposit each dollar separately, won't buy BTC for each dollar separately, and withdrawals to your own wallet aren't cheap, so you'll need to double-check all the costs and budget accordingly. Fees might be a major issue for such modest amounts, especially if you aren't diligent.
  9. Your narrative is very long, and it takes up too much of my time to read. I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but I believe you're saved by the bell, and one of your buddies informs you that everyone in that group is a con artist. And the lesson we learn is that we should not put our faith in what we see or encounter on the Internet right away, because today's scammers are out to wreck many people's lives.
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