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  1. I'm guessing senior members have seen this video. Allcharge/Algocharge CEO SAREL TAL This undoubtedly includes the Cyprus regulator and others..... He's just talking about shopper FRAUD, with no mention of MERCHANT FRAUD! In truth, any crook, regulated or not, is welcome; even strict PSRs need merchant screening and enough laws to safeguard shoppers/consumers...... Let us see the proof if someone was able to chargeback using Allcharge.
  2. Each of the modalities has advantages and disadvantages, and I believe you should choose the one that best suits you. Binary Options is the ugly duckling of the family, and regardless of whether it is betting/gambling or not, it does work if you have a well-trained psychological and follow the management to the letter. Furthermore, the way to make money is very fast, but the chances of losing are very high; it's like the Ferrari of the financial market and Forex as a regular car; you arrive at the same place, but at different speeds, and with Ferrari (due to speed), the chances of a "accident" occurring in the middle of the road are higher. I'll tell you about my personal experience, but don't use it as a model to emulate. I began with Binary Options, but after raising a sum, I switched to Forex because I was tired of the emotions of the binary market, which requires a very strong heart hahaha.
  3. Avoid this broker , i had very bad experience with them
  4. Many people, I believe, have profited from this. However, if you're looking for traders that can consistently earn money or at the very least have a profitable total trading account, I doubt there are many of them. It's a different story when it comes to earning regularly. Personally, I've been attempting to perfect the fibonacci retracement in conjunction with other indicators for trading purposes.
  5. It all depends on the type of trader you are; if you scalp, no one will speak to you. The best currency pair to trade is gold.
  6. They can't stop you from growing if you know what you're doing, according to the only success mantra I believe in. There is nothing that can stop you from succeeding if you have done enough homework before making a move, whether it is applying a new strategy or using leverage.
  7. There's something wrong with him when I read this sentence. It's fine that he explains what crypto is and how it works, but asking you to register an account and then explaining how to profit seems odd. If it's a stranger or even one of your best friends, they won't tell you how to make quick money because if they know how, they'll keep quiet and do it themselves. Anyone wants to be wealthy, but no one will ever divulge their wealth-building strategy.
  8. Thank you for your efforts; it was a fascinating read. What do you think the situation will be like next week?
  9. AUDCHF today, as we can see, is still trading sideways; the best option for you is to buy it when the price reaches 0.66924, with a potential target of 0.67195.
  10. I believe it is due to a lack of security education, more than a lack of prudence on the part of investors. Consider someone who invests in crypto because of a referral, has money to lose, and then proceeds to buy one of the goods he sees, all of which are well-marketed. Then he tries to believe the hype and sees that he can "earn," and the next thing you know, he's a victim of his own curiosity and lack of understanding of how people get conned in the crypto realm. He is then discouraged because he had no idea he was in danger. The ideal solution is to disseminate security options and attacks, as well as to be aware of potential scammer/hacker tactics.
  11. I believe that now is a good time to advance. Russia is already far more powerful than Ukraine, and it is not far from reaching the peaceful manhole cover. The opportunity is gradually revealing itself, and the rising balance is shifting.
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